15 Dec 2007

Dear Santa,

If I still believed in u, this is the list I'd be sending u this year. First up, if u could ask a little help from the good Man (Or Woman) up there to give me strength, determination and positivity to find a better job, a job that my soul desires - that would be fantastic. One that will get me started on my journey towards finding my own personal legend. (If u'r not sure what the deal is with personal legend Santa, u should read The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho.)

Next, I would appreciate some help again from the Grand One Up Above, to steer me in the right direction of right men I should be hanging out with. In fact, if He already has one with my name on his tag (or collar :P) show him to me soon. Or if it's the other end of the spectrum and there isn't a special someone for me, Santa u gotta let me know. That's right. U have to. And ask Her to give me another dose of that strength, determination and positivity to enjoy life to the fullest.

Thirdly, I'd like all my family and friends to be safe and comfy. Not too many tears for any of them please. And the confidence to get behind the wheel and drive away to glory. (Don't worry, I will be putting my best foot down for this one). And more nights like last nite Santa, I want more! :) But I think that's something I can do on my own so...scratch that! :)

Oh, oh, oh and this Christian Dior Tote please!!
(Oops, now it sounds like I'm starting to believe in u again!)

Your truly,



sabrina said...

Hahaha...nice post dear! Really enjoyed reading it

Merry Christmas!

Anonymous said...


I love how you're saying with "He" and "Her" to cover all bases for God :) I'm wishing a fantastic 2008 for you, too- I know what it feels like to want to know what's going to happen and/or discover your life's meaning, but enjoy the journey in the process as well, okay? (it sounds like you are, anyway!) Take care, merry Xmas and Happy 2008!


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