29 Dec 2007

A Quickie!

In case anyone's been browsing through my blog these past few weeks and wondering why I haven't blogged for a's cos I am away in India for a 3 week holiday. First stop was Chennai - I enjoyed my 3 day stay there. Loved going on the auto...the drivers are so fast and yet accurate. I wish there were autos in KL! And the food ... yummmmy.

Bangalore is a bustling city. Traffic jams everywhere. A bit like KL in a way. Shopping was good. And the food... yummmmmmy. Going back after 1 Jan to do more shopping and eating. :P

I can't believe that I am actually, really in Goa. It was always a far away, dreamy places where I've always dreamt of going...and now that I am here, it is as good as expected. I don't have a problem with the heat. 32 deg in the day. I am used to it obviously. The resort we are staying is alrite. Close to beach. There are about 43 steep steps down to go before reaching the beach. But it's cool with it now. Only problem is parental units holding a tight grip on movements. Can't go out to the club opposite cos of all the 'unhealthy people' around ie rastafarians and hippies. I swear! Geram! And that so called13 year old cousin of mine - annoooooying! But otherwise all is good.
Will be back on 6 Jan and blog more after that.

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BawangMerah said...

Heh, what a way to spend the new year. Happy New year

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