7 Jan 2008

Home Sweet Home!

Happy New Year! Back home again afer an exhausting but exciting 16 day holiday in India. Am still a little jet lagged. Not to mention my tummy's not feeling a 100%. Must be all that food I happily experimented with in the land where cows, autos, cars and people share the same roads. And where honking is not a sign of annoyance but a gesture that says "Here I am! On my way. I see u too. Let's go!". Where beaches are simply beautiful. Where little girls do cartwheels during traffic jams and then knock on the window to get some attention and money.

Where people shout on top of their voices to get what they have paid for. Where the buffet cart comes to on a train journey. Garem Chai. Hot coffee. Idli and Uppumma. Vada. Spicy tomato (pronounced tamatar) soup. Biryani. Just to name a few. A place where hotel rates sky rocket every year. A mind blowing shopping haven. (As of now, I am all kurti'd out! I've got lots!)

Kurti: A shorter version of the Kurta worn with straight pants. Made popular in the 1960's and 1970's, having been glamourised by Bollywood filmstars of that era, it has now made a come-back into contemporary fashion.

Mere words won't do India any justice. Sometimes photos do a lot better. Just hold on. Hold strong. I will be back. Time for some meds!


Anonymous said...

Hi Anu,

Great to know you had incredible experiences at "Incredible India"

Cheers for a wonderful new year too.


sri said...

HEYYYY... ur back :) Happy New Year!

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