10 Jan 2008


He takes my hands and looks at me.

"I had a feeling that this would happen today."


He nods.

As then he hugs me. Holds me. For a minute I revel in this closeness, his warmth, the intimacy.

My heart, performing somersaults.

And then the damn alarm wakes me up! What a dream...


sri said...

that's actually nice.... damn tat alarm clock!

anu, ur lucky. That is one beautiful dream! all i get nowadays... well, lets not get there its frustrating.


One Women's Thoughts said...

Damn I wished I had dreams like this.... and I don't think u really wanna know what i dream off hehehehe

sabrina said...

God i hate dreams like that...especially when it's about a close friend. Cos then u spend the rest of the day like a jiwang fool thinking you're in love with this person!

Anu said...

sri-i've had some of those frustrating dreams too.

one woman- are ur dreams of the naughty kind? those are good too. ;P

sabrina-oh yeah, i know what u mean. not good when it revolves around someone u consider a friend! :)

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