11 Jan 2008

Amazing India

Just me and the Arabian Sea!

A resting place for the weary sandals.

Sunset on the beach in Small Vagator Beach Goa. Nice!

My sister and I at The Taj.

I couldn't resist the outdoor beds at the Taj Hotel in Fort Aguada...comfort and an amazing view...A perfect combination.

Even the cow loves the sea in Goa...

Sunset in Goa.

The ultimate shopping experience - Commercial Street Bangalore.

The autorickshaw and I in the streets of Chennai.

Oh for the love of horns! "Sound Horn". A typical sight on lorries in India.


sabrina said...

Pixx look great girl!!!!

I am soo jealous...can't wait to start earning so i can travel out of SEA.

Never really felt the 'want' to visit India, i don't know why....but Goa sounds way awesome!

Anonymous said...

Love the pictures! Happy new year. . sounds like you had a fabulous start to it already. . . I'm on a tofu-mania at the moment and was thinking of you :)


... said...

Lovely pictures. Random blogger, remember bookmarking your blog at some point and here I am again! =D

I just got back from India recently. Sorta miss the motherland. haha.

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