26 Jan 2008

Winds of Change

There's a certain feeling that is simmering inside me these past few days. Almost warning me of an overflow. Only God knows what will happen if it does!

I'm not sure what happened or how it all started. But suddenly, I got this feeling that everything's going my way. That it may take a little time, but I will get what I want. Funny thing that! I don't remember ever feeling this...settled. And hopefully this feeling never goes away.

Now more than ever, I'm determined to make my dreams come true. To get my ass out there and do,do,do! I find happiness in the smallest of things. Painting my nails for absolutely no reason. Dancing to a catchy Hindi tune in my room. Getting sms's from a friend. Watching a father and his daughter going for a walk. Rotterweilers on the run (ok, so I was a tad scared about this one too!) Amazing how these tiny, seemingly insignificant things give me this much happiness. I love it! Stay, stay stay!


sabrina said...

First may i say that you write very very well :P

Secondly...good for you that you're feeling so uplifted and's so weird how it suddenly creeps up on you and you wake up one morning and suddenly feel the world...or at least your little right. You feel complete...the best feeling in the world!

Anonymous said...

u go gal!... do it ur way!!

Anu said...

Thanks Sabrina- Ur making my little world even better! Best feeling in the world :)

My way all the way! :)

Anucia said...

heya darling!

at least someone's happy..
i'm envious!
on top of being very happy for you, that is ;)


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