13 Mar 2008

Wanted: A 'Friend'.

I got a call from my aunt last night.

She asked about my job and my plans for career change before she dropped the bomb.

Aunty: I wanted to ask u, do u have a friend?"

Me: Friend? (Feigning ignorence of subject matter soon to be brought forward)

Aunty: No friend friend, but u know, somebody lah.

Me: Oh, that friend. Hmm. No, no friend. But I am meeting people...

Aunty: Ya, that's good. Must meet people, go out, u know?

Me: Yes, I do.

Aunty: Also I wanted to ask u, do u like boys who are homely or outgoing?

Me: (Trying hard not to laugh) Hmm, not so outgoing. Not so homely.

Aunty: Ok. U know I sometimes come across some boys. But don't know if u will like them or not. So I thought I'll just ask u.

After ending the conversation, I realised that I was ok with it. An arranged marriage thingy. I remember a time when I was dead against it. I was younger then. Maybe it's the age thing.

I've had my shares of dates with guys over the years and somehow nothing serious came out of it. So the arranged thingy may not be so bad. Who knows u know, Aunty might somehow meet one who could be the right one. But I'm not keeping fingers crossed or anything. I know about the potential hurt I could be up for with this whole experiment. Didn't I have to deal with one about a year ago? I was hurt for quite a while. The sorta hurt that makes u think it's better to be alone, that it's not worth the risk.

I guess I've closed that chapter now. I'm whole again. And ready to share...Sometimes I wish I could tell aunty to do her magic on one guy. I can even give his number. U just do ur thing...:)
But that's something I have to do...on my own...when the time is right.


Ash said...

Well I wouldn't really call it an arranged marriage. It's like asking a friend even to pass a number to get hooked up with someone else. Here you get to talk to the other person, get to know him etc. But in an arranged marriage back then, you couldn't do anything TILL marriage which is ridiculous cuz you're gonna learn jackshit about ur mappilai like that =P

Yes. I'm young, exuberant. And dead against arranged marriages =P

This one darling, is most certainly not one. Cuz unless you can't look at the dude till the wedding day, you're alright.

Anu said...

These days esp in Malaysia, the concept of arranged marriage is changing (and for the better).
It's no longer meeting the guy for the first time on your wedding day - Luckily! Still, there is an intervention from at least one family member and
a horoscope check, so in my opinion, it is arranged.

There would be no way I'd go for the classic arranged marriage thingy. I'd draw the line at
intervention. :)

Not keeping fingers crossed though...:P

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