3 Apr 2010

The Drama Mama Strikes!

Everybody's life has some drama, at one point or another. I guess mine has started today. And my birthday is around the corner some more. Perfect timing right? Or, maybe not!

As much as I love my aunties, (u gotta love them rite, they are family), sometimes they can just be exasperating and over the top. Take for instance Aunty B, who spends her time 'looking out' for eligible single guys and girls she can introduce each other to. She has been trying to set me up a guy, but so far it has yet to work out.

Just before I left for Melbourne, she decided to try to set me up with a 37-year-old guy, let's call him Mr P. Long story short, we have yet to meet, but he did add me on FB. He hasn't called me either nor has he messaged since the first day we communicated.

Now, it's almost a month since I returned from Melbourne and I haven't heard from him, so I have a hunch that Mr P is not interested. So I told Aunty B what I felt. She told me to hold on, cos' he is away in China for work so "just wait and see". So I waited.

Today, she sends me a forward of a message she sent to him. OVER the top message. It went something like this:

"Anyway P, if u are looking for a glamourous and attractive person, she is not the one but if u want someone who is soft spoken, pleasant, good natured and who comes from a good family,Anu is the one.

I am not praising her or the family but we come from a middle class family and I felt both of u can fit into our families. So I leave it to u but only hope everything will be ok."

How is that not embarrassing? I know she means well, but is this the right way to do it?
And yes, I may not be glamourous, but I do believe I am attractive, in my own way, Aunty B. As 'perasan' as it sounds, guys do drool over me, occasionally. But I can't tell u that, can I?

And what does Mr P reply? (yes, she forwarded me his reply too).

"Dear Aunty B I will surely meet her just that I don't feel well after the China trip. Hope it gets better soon for me to give a decision."

And that ladies and gentlemen, is the reality of a modern day arranged marriage proposal.

Aunty introduces Boy and Girl. They meet, on a so-called date at a chosen place. Aunty asks Girl how she feels then says, let's wait and see what he says. And so the waiting game begins. Days turn into weeks and still no word is heard. And then one fine day, Girl finds out Boy is not interested, one month or two later.

Of course that doesn't happen to each and every girl. I suppose it would help if the Girl is thin, fair and beautiful because at the end of the day, that is what counts. Not so much personality or character. And unfortunately, not all of us are blessed with "the look" but we do have a lot more to give but alas, those qualities are just not enough.

Can u blame me for not wanting to be hooked up this way? But I know she's only looking out for me, so how can I get mad? But I think it's time to tell my well meaning aunties that I've had enough of these introductions.

I think I shall continue to be single. It's working out pretty well so far, plus minus a few aches and pains. But that's normal - be it single, married, divorced. So it is fine then. Single it is.


sabrina said...

OMG!!!!!!! Babes i feel indignant on your behalf!!!!

You are way way too good for him la! His decision it if you're a piece of chattel!

You are a total catch babes. Dont even doubt it for a second!

Anu said...

I know Saby! Isn't it annoying? I don't need guys like this,that's for sure.

Visithra said...

do what i do - smile sweetly n tell those well meaning aunties - im not interested - if u still wanna pursue this go ahead - n then u get married again i come n help arrange the wedding for u ;p

i know unbeliveable answer but it works ;p or i just fled the scene change subject

though if ur looking to settle down - n dont mind meeting ppl - i can recommend a professional matchmaker (there's a fee) - who is a nice lady - she was the matchmaker for my bro - n i like her style of matchmaking - she had a bunch of ppl she wanted to intro to me but when i told her im not interested - she never pursued it again - u can give a long list of criteria - meet the guy in a public place - n so forth - i feel its less presurised n less weird when its not some family member trying to sell u off

but personally i do not like matchmaking - my mind closes up on the whole word - but ive personally seen it work for some ppl - so i cant dismiss it either

Anu said...

Vishitra - u do have some valid points there. I have already told my aunty that I am not interested in this method anymore.

I've never liked the thought of arranged introductions, but I thought I'd try it out and see. But I'm really tired of it now.

If I decide on taking up your offer on that matchmaker, I will let u know, but right now I just need to chill on my own. :)

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