13 Apr 2010

I know it feels like fate...

Like these are mistakes we're meant to make...
(Losing It All - Shannon Noll)

And yes, I am reading 'Treat Them Mean and Keep Them Keen'. I obviously need help in that department - keeping them guys. Haha. I know, I know it's not something u can adopt from a book BUT it does give u a better bigger picture. Reading = learning.

These past few days have been a bit of a emotional rollercoaster for me, as I try to digest the changes that's happening. It seems a little difficult now, for sure...but I am pretty sure that in a couple of months time, I'll look back at this and say "It's over now, I am all good."

In the meantime, I shall keep my chin up, listen to lots of good music, drink a few margaritas and catch up with friends.

"This too shall pass."

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