13 May 2010

To new experiences

When my friend Sharky told me that the mind expands after every new experience, I only half believed him (He's a joker, that one.)

But what he said really intrigued me and I had to find out if he was indeed telling the truth.

So I took my question online and what I found out is that it's true. And no, expanding the mind doesn't mean your skull is going to become larger or that your brain will grow. Scientifically, the brain becomes denser with neuronal connections which facilitates more memory and speed of retrival.

"A mind that is stretched by a new experience can never go back to its old dimensions" said Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr., an American jurist from 1902-1903.

Last week, I was assigned to go to Singapore to cover Andrea Bocelli's concert at the Botanical Gardens. Not a fan of classical music, I wasn't too happy about being assigned to it, but I knew I didn't have much choice over it.

Then I remembered about expanding minds with new experience and decided that I would make the best out of it.

Now I know why people rave about the amazing tenor. He was brilliant. And I don't even like classical music! Accompanied by the Singapore Philharmonic Orchestra, it was an evening I've will never forget.

It was also a chance for me to debut my purple dress, that I bought six months ago. I must admit that I looked lovely in it (perasans) and am very glad I bought that dress, despite being RM150 poorer. It was worth every cent.

Although I didn't manage to get a one-to-one photo with Bocelli, I did manage to get a blurry picture of him with my Blackberry.

And I also got a chance to chat with Delta Goodrem, who was the guest singer at the concert (she sang beautifully and looked gorgeous!). And here's me in my purple dress.

Here's to many more new experiences!


Suresh Nair said...

Andrea Bocelli !!!!!!
My all time favorite singer. Nobody moves you like him.

sabrina said...

Ok first of have a friend named Sharky????? That's what i want ...Sharky after sharky the shark dog from Eek!

Secondly....andrea and delta????!!!! I would sooo sooo kill for your job la

And lastly...can we see the full dress please?? That pixx just doesn't do it justice la babes :p

Anu said...

Suresh - Andrea Bocelli! Have u seen him live?

Saby - I was on my own so I couldn't take a pic of me in the dress properly, but I will do so the next time I wear that lovely dress.

Andrea & Delta! See why it is so difficult for me to look for another job? :P

Yes, I have a friend named Sharky, his nickname at least. He's a bit of a pain but an interesting character. If u want I can intro him to u. LOL.

Anucia said...

I love Andrea...lucky you! And yeah, you could play dress up at home to take a pic for us, can't you? Pretty please? ;)

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