6 Jun 2010

Quickie No 3

I gotta admit I have been the lazy blogger recently. The truth is nothing big has happened for me to blog about. Nothing spectacular and nothing too boring. Life goes on. Work keeps me busy, most of the time. There are good days and bad. There was a blues-y episode couple of weeks back, but that has passed and it's all good now.

Oh yes 19 days before I leave for the sandy shores of Koh Phangan. Very excited about that - my first trip to Thailand. And to prepare for the trip I am on my protein diet. No carbs until Jun 25 plus my usual morning walk. That seems to be one of those good habits I've picked up this year.

Life is peachy. No complaints.


sabrina said... is the diet working out babes? Any improvements yet? Diets and me dont work too well cos i have an oral fixation and need to constantly put things into my mouth.... :)

Anu said...

Saby - Diet is working, slowly and steadily. I am happy with the progress and am even more determined to see it till the final result- in a few months time. :)

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