28 Jun 2010

Koh Phangan Jun 25-28

Beautiful unicorns and rainbows -was what I was hoping to see as I had my first ever Mushroom Shake - in the island of Koh Phangan (KP).

Instead what did I see? Absolutely nothing! I didn't even feel the familiar buzzy alcohol effect. After careful and long delibrations with my colleagues-friends and KP roomates Dom and Suzhen, we decided that we were cheated! Cheated by the Thai's at Mountain Bar at Haad Rin Beach out of 500 baht (almost RM50)!

After all that talk from Sharky and Dom's cousin about only drinking a quarter of a glass, it was extremely disappointing that neither of us felt even a tad high after drinking that so-called Happy Shake. We were soooo not happy!

However, luckily for us we still had a good time at KP. How could we not?

First there was the glorious food. Tom yam, green curry chicken, pad thai, banana chocolate pancake (yummylicious!). And many bottles of Chang beer. Then there was the Full Moon Party, where hundreds of party goers gathered to party from dusk to dawn. The cool girlfriends gyrated on the table while yours truly went around taking photos of the scenes. Unfortunately, the same official photographer also did a boo-boo when 'she' decided to go ahead and dunk into the cool KP sea and forgetting there was a camera in the bag. How stupid! (I'm so sorry Dom!).

But the good news is, Dom got to save the pictures.

Anyways, despite the accident and the rain that got the party wet (but didn't dampen the party spirit of party-goers), we did actually have a good time. There was plenty of eye candy to look at, the atmosphere was so happening. There were times when I felt I was in a music video - with everyone dancing around me and me walking through them.

I don't think I'll ever forget the time when Dom and I went back to our 'bangalow' for more money and ended up sitting in front of a hair dresser waiting for the rain to subside. The visions of topless young men walking past us is not something I can forget easily. ;)

For those who haven't gone to the island before, the main issue is communication - the Thai's don't speak much English and we seemed to be getting a lot of wrong information. Also, be ready for minor upsets as there are bound to happen. At the last leg of the trip, we took the taxi to pier for a boat ride back to Koh Samui...and when we were checking in to get tickets, we found out our boat was at the pier adjecent to the one we were at. So we had to run, Amazing Race style to catch our boat back. I tell u - what a run it was!

Best of all was the time spent with my lovely colleagues-friend Dom and Suzhen - priceless moments, for sure. I'm so glad we did this trip together.

Pictures coming up very very soon.


sabrina said...

Mushroom Shake???? Never heard of it! Some kind of hhalucinogenic i'm guessing? :p

Eagerly awaiting the pictures :)

Dominah said...

Anu, we can definitely be travel buddies. Although I didn't hallucinate and see any mushrooms dancing above my head - I had so much of fun :) Don't worry about the camera. Oh well right?


Anu said...

Saby-It's also known as Magic Mushroom - yes the halucinogenic kind! LOL. Still, it was a good trip.

Dom - Now we know we can be travel buddies, for sure. Had loads of fun with u guys. :)

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