6 Jul 2010

Koh Phangan Pictures

Suzhen and I just after landing at Koh Samui airport.

Dom and I in the van before we got scolding from the immigration ladies.

Suzhen and I happily drinking our beers.

The yummylicious banana chocolate (nutella) pancake.

Trying to finish off the pancake ourselves before Dom gets to them.

Just after getting wet in the rain......;P

This is what too much alcohol can do to u - a few 'happy' guys trying to jump the fire rope.

Dom in red dress and Suzhen in yellow top dancing away on the table. ;)

Get your plastic buckets with alcohol here! Unfortunately nothing worked on me! :P


Suresh Nair said...

Were the Banana Chocolates good?

Anu said...

They were awesome!

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