2 Apr 2011

Postcards of Hong Kong

Ok so I finally decided to put up photos of the Hong Kong trip. Not very happy with the photos don't say I didn't warn u!

On the first night walking around Lan Kwai Fong area. Our first (and favourite) dessert - Mango Pancake. The lovely Star ferry that we took many times. In front of the Legislative Council Building. I like!

Divya and Dhanya at typical HK market. Note the stony stairs.

Night scene at the pier in Kowloon. Lovely scenary.

I love this old Chinese Junk. LOVE!

A scene from the cable car at Ocean Park.

Beautiful scenary from the cable car at Ocean Park.

This is what we saw on our Big Bus Tour - lovely lovely scenary.

Divya and I at Stanley Market, where we bought lots of stuff.

And me trying to hold my hair in place at the Peak. Boy was it cold!

Our Dim Sum dinner from 7-11.

With Goofy at Disneyland. Enough said.

Disneyland No 2.

Hollywood Road, in memory of Michael Buble's Hollywood.

See I told you they sold dim sum in 7-11.

In front of an antique shop.

An epitome of a junk shop. Wow!

And as always there will be an Indian store.

The twins at the park near my cousin's place.

Tortoises sunbathing at the park.

Me in Central Station. Love the background.

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sri said...

i see... u still have ur Ganesha 't'-shirt :)

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