29 Apr 2011

What do you say, Universe?

Since my last post a few things have changed. First up, I am now 35, although I still look 25.

I got what I asked the Universe for and am now leaving it to the Universe (or God, whoever is it charge of my source code) to decide the outcome of this new found experience.

I know this is all vague, but the thing is I've said a few things out loud over the past few weeks and now I'm beginning to wonder if I have jinxed it by doing so. That's why I'm leaving this to 'greater forces'. I suppose when things are well and truly sorted out, I'll have the chance to write about it and express my thought about this. Until then, I will just leave it and wait patiently for things to unfold the way they are meant to be.

I suppose that's the good thing about getting older. All those silly petty issues are no big deal anymore. And as for the big ones, u do all that u can do until there is nothing else to be done except to wait and see. I guess I'm becoming more mysterious as I grow older. ;)

In the meantime, I'm gonna focus on work, on getting healthier (I must say, I've been neglecting this important element over the past few tumultous weeks) and having good moments.


Suresh Nair said...

Good to know that you are doing fine. Some elements of Rhonda Byrne's Secrets in your thinking and relationship with the Universe!

sri said...

i would rather say that u r getting wiser and prudent... not mysterious!

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