9 Dec 2011

Sexy Sevilla

Due to popular demand, here are some photos of Sevilla...

On my naughty days I took photos of Sevillians in their everyday routine. Horse ride anyone?

I apologise to Senor for taking a photo of him relaxing during siesta, but I just had to take it!  

I fell in love with Sevilla the second I feasted my eyes on the Cathedral.

Pigeons enjoying the sights and bites in front of the Archivo de Indias, Plaza del  Triunfo.

A typical sight in the streets of Sevilla - this is Calle Antolinez ( Antolinez Street).

The gate to Babylon Idiomas, where I studied Spanish for almost 4 weeks.

Sevilla souvenirs galore.

I spent many afternoons sitting by El Guadalquivir taking in the tranquilo atmosphere.

And walked to the other side on the river...

Where I saw hundreds of locks with names of lovers on the bridge, a symbol of  everlasting love. 

A Sevillian woman making ends me meet by selling fans at Plaza De Espana. 

First time I saw Plaza De Espana, I had to pinch myself. It was so beautiful.

The Cathedral on a sunny blue sky day. 

Plaza de Espana in the evening.

The view of Sevilla from the Giralda after climbing 32 floors up - it was totally worth it!

Despite its classy outlook, Sevillians do get musical action from time to time...

The view from modern Plaza Mayor. I like!

Fresh veggies and fruits at a fruteria.

Many bars had meat as part of their deco, like  El Rinconcillo, Calle Gerona.

Green is always in. Check out the lane for bicycles in Sevilla.

When in Sevilla, expect narrow streets!

And yes, I've got more photos... :)  

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sri said...

Lovely photos...I am going for Tapas at La Bodega Pavillion on Wednesday with an old friend and I will think of you!

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