30 Dec 2011

Book Review: Manana Manana

Title: Manana Manana - A Mallorcan Summer
Author: Peter Kerr
Publisher: Summersdale
Rating 7/10

Manana Manana (Manana meaning tomorrow in Spanish) is a perfect book to read to find out what life is Spain is like. Although set in a quiet town in Mallorca with a farm and a Scottish family as its protagonist, it is easy for anyone who has visited Spain to get into the story, especially when Kerr explains the relaxed, chilled 'tranqilo' culture of Spaniards. With flashes of humour and an array of misadventures that include brushes with the local police, the unfortunate outcome of a drinking session and the sense of community shared by their neighbours, there is plenty to laugh about. For most parts, it was an interesting book and reminded me of my own recent trip to Spain. I really enjoyed reading the author's reflections of Spanish life and culture.


Mirebella said...

Lol. I will have to check it out. You shoud read Almost French by Sarah Turnbull. Insightful book but set to a French backdrop. Happy new yr Anu.

sri said...

Anu, you write sooo well! Perhaps you should consider doing your own version of autobiography/memoir on your quest(s)... Spain... Life... etc.

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