18 Apr 2015

Farewell Sunnies!

Dear Sunnies,

I knew that this day would come but I didn't think it would happen this way and this soon. It was my fault. I was careless when I perched you up on my head for a second. For one brief moment, I forgot about Gravity and its profound effect on all elements on earth. You tumbled on to the floor. I knew that it was too late when I heard the sound effects you produced. I braced myself for the inevitable and turned around and looked down. My biggest fear came true. You, my dear sunnies were broken, both lenses lying close to one another. It was too late.You were gone.

I gulped and attempted to make myself feel better by telling myself you could be fixed. But deep in my heart I knew, I was only kidding myself. There is no way I could use you again!

So I tried to make myself feel better, remembering that you were the one I chose as a sunny companion six years ago. You were a little more expensive than I had anticipated, you Fossil you, but when I used you, I felt cool. I felt beautiful. I felt awesome. I couldn't say no to you.

You accompanied me on many of my trips - Australia, Thailand, India, UK, US...Remember our first solo trip together, when we went to Spain? We made history there, you and me, walking for 5 hours, exploring the city of Seville, getting lost in Cordoba and Granada, fighting off  pickpockets in Madrid and Barcelona. Through it all, you were there with me. I had an inkling about how Christopher Columbus felt, as he explored unchartered waters - I felt the same way too, as I explored Spain with you.

There's nothing much I can say say Sunnies, except to say, you really made my days cool and gave me the strength to walk on and continue exploring. Thank you for six beautiful years together and rest assured, you will be missed.

Lots of love,

See how cool you made me look? 

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