8 Apr 2015

I'm Excited!!

Yesterday, I turned 39.

Yes, one more year to the big 4-0!

Time passes by very fast when you life...and having fun. The good thing about being 39 is, at the cusp of being 40, I find myself asking some interesting questions. Like...where did the years go? Have I achieved anything significant in my life?  Am I ready for a brand new chapter in my life?

At least, I have one more year to ponder on the answers...I have one more year to add a few more achivements under my cap. But I know I'll be ready for 40. That's for sure. I don't have anything in black or white, nothing concrete, but I do believe that my life will be changing for the better this year. Maybe it's just instinct. Or wishful thinking. Maybe it's a mixture of both? I can't say for sure, but there is definitely something in the air. I just have to ride it out, be positive, keep my options and mind open and...see what happens.

For those who are reading my blog and wondering why I haven't been updating it much, let's just say the work has gotten to me. I'm currently working on a few writing projects and have not had the chance to blog much. Still, I am having fun whenever I can and am looking forward to more fun in my 39th year on Earth.

I gotta admit. I'm excited...excited about what the Universe and God has planned for me.  I'll check in again soon.


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