6 May 2007

Deja vu!

There's a familiar feeling in the air. Or is it just in my head? Almost every thing annoys me. My aunty, who just made an accusation sooooo off the mark, annoys me. Messages on Friendster with spelling mistakes, yes, they annoy me. The cat,lying lazily underneath the car trying to beat the afternoon heat,annoys me. And don't get me started on guys! Spiderman, with his right hand out to MJ made me cry this afternoon. My mother's critique of my cooking methods creates a sadness within. My eyebrows permanently on spotlight, curved from all this annoyance that surrounds me. I get a sneaking suspicion that I've been through this before. A moment of contemplation confirms my suspicion. Stay calm, stay cool. All will be well.



Anucia said...

Nowadays, when things get to me, I take a deep breath and walk away...Well, most of the time anyway :)
Hang in there, dear!

sri said...

Anu, it’s odd how we all feel sometimes, just for a flash when we induce in a though that all is going just well, that will be the moment where our inner bitch will take us back on memory lane just to remind us the kinda stuff that we don’t really wanna remember. Anyway, like anucia’s comment…. take a deep breath and u’ll have a sense of normality again [soon]…

Anu said...

Anu - Breathing does help! Feeling much better today. :)

Sri - I knew I could count on u to understand how it feels. Cu soon!

BawangMerah said...

Times like these, I just go to sleep early and let the annoyances be. Of course sometimes they follow me into my dreams, which is rather uhmm annoying.

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