29 May 2007

So what if my head is too big right now?

I've been getting quite a few messages from people on Friendster lately. Some messages express interest to be friends. Many tell me that I look cute,sweet even beautiful! My initial reaction? What the ??$%^? When did pigs start flying? Is the moon blue everyday now?

When I was young, I always felt inadequate as far as looks was concerned. My younger sister was always the center of attention. I was the darker, chubbier one among my cousins. No one really took much notice of me. As a teenager, I was the nervous, shy girl who used to have one sided crushes on boys. I used to detest looking at myself in the mirror. Self-confidence was constantly on low, fueled by my ordinary looks and mother's constant critism.

Things started changing about 2 years ago. I no longer felt the constant pain in my heart. I didn't look too bad in the mirror. I felt happier than I've ever been. And now, I feel completely comfortable with my own skin. I don't need any makeup to feel beautiful. I just need to look in the mirror. I like what I see, I really do. Like the duckling that wasn't all that cute, I think I have too, become a swan of sorts (granted still in need of improvements, but I've got the rest of my life for that.)

So while I'm here basking in the ray of compliments, I remember where I was once and what I've been through to be here today.

So if you think my head is kinda big right now, please excuese me! It will be back to normal in a while. Hopefully :P



DrowsyStar said...

No, no, no, don't unswell anything- I LIKE the confidence!

sabrina said...

I think you look adorable :p

Anu said...

Thanks MM - Take care, have a good trip back & see u soon!

Sabrina - u are too sweet!

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