4 May 2007

I am still in the Amazing Race!

I found out yesterday that my aunty had a relapse of her condition she had 3 years ago, when she narrowly escaped death. Early yesterday evening she got weak, felt dizzy and fell out of her wheelchair. Yes, she is in a wheelchair. She had knee surgery 3 years ago but somehow it didn't do her any good. Instead she caught an infection that got her into the aforementioned almost fatal condition. So now she is in University Hospital, doctors are trying to figure out what exactly is going on in her body. Scary stuff...

Thinking about the whole thing,her,I am reminded that health, above anything else, is the most important thing we have,I have.Being chubby since I was 3, for the longest time (try 20 years) I thought that I was chubby and I was always going to be chubby. And that's that. My father's lectures on exercising fell on deaf years. U know,the classic case of "masuk telinga kiri, keluar telinga kanan."

It was only at at 23 that I decided to join a gym. That too, not for myself, but to accompany a friend. I was reluctant and shy, but after a few months, I begin to enjoy that routine. Most importantly I felt good about myself. And proud that I was doing something to improve. And while I have most certainly improved, I still have a little way to go.

So with all this happening to my aunty I want to reconfirm to myself that I am still in this Amazing Race and I will only stop when I win it. I know it won't be easy with temptations in the way,but I will not give up on this. I promise to remember this when I am married and a mother. I will not let it go. I will not let things be. I will always do my bit to be as healthy as I can be.



Anonymous said...

anu.. its a very nice thing that you understand & follow physical exercise... even the most fittest person should dedicate time for this. hey btw.... medics have gone far ahead... why dont u try to bring your aunt to india? i am confident (as of now even whole world is confident :-))she will get better treatment here in india than any part of world at hardly fraction of what u guys must be spending now... end of the day she shud be happy n smiling to know she is taken care aint it? lemme know ur thoughts. if u need my help i am always a call away anu - Jagdish

Gallivanter said...

Anu, you're "team" number 1! :-)

Anu said...

Jagdish - Thanks for the lovely comment. She is feeling better now, so hopefully all will be well.

Gallivanter - Yea, I am team number 1! Thanks for putting a big smile on my face. :)

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