30 Aug 2007

I'm leaving on a jet plane...

for Bali. I know that I'll be back on Monday but oh babe, please, let me stay...

(aka rantings of a extremely excited 30 year old single woman about to embark on a trip to a new and exciting destination - Bali!)

And just like the song, all my bags are packed, I am ready to go...leaving Malaysia on her 50th birthday.

If I were to start on my thoughts about Merdeka, I'd never get to the airport on time tomorrow. Suffice to say, my Merdeka wish is that we as a society, learn not just to tolerate each other, but understand each other better. When a person reaches 50 years, she is expected to be mature, experienced. She knows nooks and corners, she's been there and done that. And for that she is all the wiser, calm and collected. Granted it is slightly (yes, only slightly :P) more complicated with a country, but I truly think that we should make a strong, 100% effort to be this sexy, strong, fantastic woman. My wish, really. Wishful thinking or possible reality?

Still happy Holidays, let's all try to have fun over the long weekend...I know I will!

Makan,makan,makan.Oops, I mean Merdeka,Merdeka,Merdeka!


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