23 Aug 2007


would be the catch phrase for me this week. Again. Ok so it's not exactly a phrase.But it sure encompasses the phase I am in right now. My knees ache when I walk. The body aches. I feel like I've been working out in the gym for hours - and I haven't! And the weird dream I had a few days ago is still fresh on (or is it in?) my mind.

My cousins showed me this door and said "U have to see what's inside." Curious, I stepped into the room and there it was! A black cute little pony. From the moment I saw it felt like I was in love. I petted it and spoke to it lovingly, just like I would to a dog. And when looking into it's eyes, it seemed to understand what I was saying. I had an overwhelming sense of satisfaction.

So the question is what could this possibly mean?

"To see a black or dark horse in your dream, signifies mystery, wildness, and the unknown. You may be taking a chance or gamble at some unknown area. It may even represents occult forces." (from dreammoods)

The possibility of this conclusion is valid as I am trying out for new things in my life. (Although some people might suggest that it has more to do with the size of a man's balls I am yet to encounter...somehow I don't think it's about that!);)

It's always interesting to have dreams that are of a different kind. I just hope that when I sleep tonite, I shall have good ones!



Anucia said...

I always dream of being naked in public. In my dream, it would seem absolutely normal to walk out the house in the nude, but mid-day, I'd realise that people stare at me...and I begin to panic...

then I'll wake up in sweat!


Apparently, mine means taht i am extremely self-conscious..

Which is somewhat true..

Sharky said...

but you did get a call from someone well hung.... like a horse didnt you?!?! hhahahahahaha

I think this time it might have taken a more literal meaning!

~equivocated~ said...

I get weird dreams too. Very weird and real ones. The last dream I had was of this guy I like who comes to me and gives me a kiss on my cheek while announcing to the whole room of jealous-bitchy girls who are always out to get me that he's with me.

It felt like conquering-of-mount-everest feat.

Like i said, weird dreams I have. Analyse them I should and crapping is me.


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