9 Aug 2007

The first day in school blues...

It started of just like another day. I woke up at 6.15am, dragged myself to the bathroom, did what I had to do, had breakfast and sat in the car. As I stepped into the school, I felt the long gone yet familiar butterflies in my tummy. I sighed and realised that the holidays were finally over, and so were my carefree days. Oh what a summmer it had been! Listening to sweet music, extended lunches, chats with friends...Oh how I wish I could go back to that good ol' days.

The morning started off slowly, with the assembly and getting to know the new teachers. And then the work started! You have to do this and that and thisthat. Argh!It was starting to annoy me. But I didn't, no, couldn't show them how I felt. I had to keep it a secret. I pretended that everything was ok, that I was happy to be there. That every other minute I wished I was back home, sitting on my favourite couch, sipping on my cold lemon tea, watching my favourite program on tv.

I did some work, and somehow got through the afternoon. Lunch passed by like a breeze, over before it even had begun! The butterflies were still flying in my tummy. Even my favourite fried rice failed to comfort me. The only consolation? That it would be closer to going home. With that single thought in mind, I walked back, all the way to the 5th floor. There was a whole lot of talking going on. I did some work and somehow, time passed and soon it was time to go back!

Passionately, I switched off the computer, picked up my bag, waved to my supervisors and dashed out of the library door as fast as I could. Woohoo! I survived my first day at school - as the librarian!


sri said...

anu - its like the old sayin "days will change when school starts" amazingly how its (also) affect some of us who doesnt have kids...:)

foreverinteresting said...

I wish i could go back to school! :) miss those days....

hope u're enjoying yourself girl!

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