22 Sep 2007

Going, going, gone!

My paisley tattoo that Adi did for me on first day at Legian, Bali has finally disappeared. It took its time though, the henna taking a different shade of black every day. For a couple of days, I would have glimpses of it, and for a minute or two, it would transform me back to Bali.

The slow disappearence of the tattoo reminds me of some things that have eventually disappeared in my life. Like my favourite denim, lost somewhere out there in Melbourne. My yellow paisley (yes,I am a big paisley fan) bandanna that I lost to the waves of Gold Coast. Or like my faith that I will in fact find the love of my life. Just like the tattoo, hope fades a little more as the day passes. Perhaps one day, soon it might fade off entirely, never to be felt again...


Jaggu said...

cheer up girl... you are still too young to lose hope. there is a saying in hindi sabr ka phal meetha hota hain "The frusits of waiting are sweeter" :-) so relax & chill out this weekend.. who knows if you are gonna get such weekends alone in future make the most of what you have now !!!


foreverinteresting said...

u believe in superstitions Anu? Well there is one indian one that says when u think of something and when the lizard makes that 'chit chit' noise it would come true... well i was thinking abt father in law and u this morning and it actually made it's noise :p maybe there is hope in the place u least expect :p unlike some people like me who don't even date :p heheheh

have fun girl and worry not!!! Hmm maybe i should start listening to myself! :p

sri said...

im a great believer in love, hope and all that; but then life taught me a few good lessons… u see, ‘Hope’ sometime makes us dependent on external factors and circumstances. The main reason is because we humanize this emotion where ‘Hope’ becomes an expectation. So in my opinion, ‘Hope’ in its humanized form is considered slightly dangerous. Especially when expectations have been shattered we feel as if Life taken a left turn. I guess hurt and pain is the price we must always be prepared to pay to be able to love and hope. Therefore, ‘Hope’ is not all positive – so, cheer up gal… we shall talk more on this topic soon in person. And meanwhile u hang in there.

Anu said...

Dear Jaggu, Forever & Sri,

Thanks for the comments. That post was written in the moment and those feelings are long gone now.
In fact, I am feeling very neutral right now. Que sera sera. Let anything happen!

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