30 Sep 2007

Head Over Feet

So goes the song by Alanis Morissette. It's a cool song. It's about love and being loved. I wish I was in that shoes at the moment. It's been a long, long time since I've been in the arms of a man, more so a man who cared for me. And as the days go by, as I get older, I wish that there was this one single human being who loves me above all other human beings in this world. But maybe it is not meant to be. Maybe I am not fated, not destined to feel this undying, passionate love that many others talk about. Maybe that is why God has made me this creature of isolation, the one who likes to do things on her own. So that I don't need anyone next to me, to be with me. Maybe.

No man is an island, they say. Sometimes islands get submerged by the waves, momentarily losing its position in the atlas of the world. If I am that island, I'd fight to get those waves away from me. I'd move myself to another spot, in hope of finding inhabitants, pirates maybe, or better still another island. Maybe that little island and I can become one big island. And then when the waves come in to take their place, we can battle it out together. As they say, two islands are better than one, right?

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sri said...

Alanis never fails to capture my heart - It reminded me of college days as I make my way across the causeway for class with my trusty walkman playing Jagged Little Pill, I was sorta emo then - those were the days of perpetual black tshirts, mini-skirts and chuck taylors...

Anyway anu no fears… its just matter of “when” - I mean finding the single human-being. meanwhile, what we can do is - we all can sit together and wait for that right moment… and of course while waiting we can list down some other stuff to do... like wild parties (kinda party which includes nudity) by the beach… flirting with some cute hispanic guy while having awesome vacation in the Caribbean… little hanky–panky with office colleague (oops Im already doing it…) well, my point is… we can have fun while waiting for the right moment or rather person. So, hang in there babe.

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