20 Jul 2007

Blue Sky Today and Blogger Booze Tomorrow!

I woke up this morning and the first thing that entered my mind was “Woohoo, it’s Friday. Is it just me or is the sky prettier today? There’s a spring in my step as I step into the office. I wish the dragon lady good morning warmly. She responses, looking at me. I can see she’s wondering where I got this unusual passion from. Haha!

The day is going by fast. Soon it will be lunch time and 2 more hours to go before I can away from this boring ol’ routine and on to something much more exciting!

Like tomorrow, I will be at the Blogger Booze happening at the Modesto’s Hartamas Walk @ Hartamas Shopping Centre, Plaza Damas at 9pm. It will be fun to meet new people, fellow bloggers and enthusiasts, have a couple of drinks at the same time. Come one, come all! Let your hair down, take off your glasses (that's what I do :P)and have some fun! If u would like more info about the event check it out here!

Hope to see u there!




Anucia said...

Hey babe..
so how was it? hope you had loads of fun..

Anu said...

It was alrite, but definetely would have been better if u were there! Maybe next time eh? :)

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