21 Jul 2007

If eyes could speak...

If eyes could speak, his would have said "Hi there!".
If eyes could speak, mine would have said "Hey, how's it going?"
If eyes could speak, his would have said "I am good thanks and you?"
If eyes could speak mine would have said "I am fine."

Then my eyes would stop talking. And so would his. But both eyes wouldn't let things go. Our eyes would still sought out each other, hoping that the otherwould still be there, waiting.

And then his eyes would start speaking again. His eyes would have said " Wait for me, for I have more to say. I just need a few minutes and I will be on my way. Will you wait for me?"

His eyes wishing, hoping, waiting.

My eyes would have replied "Yes, I'll wait for you. I will be back. I shall be back when you're done. For I have things to tell you too."

A spark lights up first her eyes, then his. Both eyes smile.

His eyes look away knowing that the time will come.
My eyes look away knowing that the time will be soon.


sri said...

my humble attempt to solve the puzzle:

eyes -> visual accentricity -> infinite chat -> (conclusion)suppressed feelings...


M said...

I loved this post. . .and I'm hoping it's not fictional. .
I hope your eyes speak again v soon ;)

Did you hear Sri got a car??

Hope all is well,
love lots,

Anu said...

Sri- So true! Surpressed feelings on my part for sure!

M - Eyes did meet but not sure what the conversation was all about! That part was fiction! :)
I am good, I've been meaning to email, but busy. Will email u soon!

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