2 Jul 2007

Hope S(t)inks!

Last week has been kinda (for a lack of a better word) shitty. Not in a something bad has happened kinda way, and yet, just plain ol' irritatingly shitty. If I could only use one sentence to describe the week it would be "so damn interesting yet so bloody annoying". Yup, nothing much has changed, as u can see. Gerrrrrrrrrr!

FYI, I was doing a-ok on my own, minding my own business, doing my own thing, and then of course things had to change. A glimmer of hope beckoned and I thought perhaps, just perhaps, life could change for the better. I let that glimmer of hope into my heart too - obviously a big mistake, on hindsight. One week later there is nothing but silence. Silence is not golden by the way. I'll have u know that silence is just so damn annoying.

*Takes a deep breath*

Anyways, if this is an episode of life that I have to go through, then surely I can get through it to the end right? Of course I can! Can somebody pass me the remote, I wanna get to the end of this...;)



Anucia said...

just like in lectures/classes...silence indicates some form of stupidity/blurness...nowhere near golden, i agree! ;)

foreverinteresting said...

Hey there Anu,

Life is never easy for women compared to men. And i think many men will not agree on this. Anyway I suggest we go for a tamil movie. Maybe SIVAJI ... that's equally as good as a remote control. Oh we can go somewhere with our friend - perhaps BANGKOK. heheheheheh I think you know where i'm heading with that

Cheers girl. No one can take away your freedom and hopes. It will come when they come. Till then hope is all women like us have! :)

Anu said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sharky said...

"Life is never easy for women compared to men. And i think many men will not agree on this. "

I think its equally shitty when you consider men having higher chances of goin bald and women having higher chances of getting arthritis. Alright, that was a lame analogy, but the bottom line is, life's a bitch, and you gotta learn to take it for a walk.

Anu said...

Sharky - Good bottom line! So true!
U can't expect life to be all peachy and creamy, there's bound to be salt somewhere.:P And it works well when u
deal with it and carry on.

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