29 Jul 2007

U know this thing called life?...

Many times I think it's a mystery. Especially these few days, there's a lot of things going on inside me. And I can't tell anyone about what I am going through. I don't want to blog about it either. Simple questions throw me into a thinking zone. My answers are quick and precise, but I don't believe them a 100%. I've been thinking about my future a lot these days. What's in store? What's gonna happen? Where will I be in 5 years? Obviously there are no answers to these questions, but there is my perception of the ideal answers. The truth is, even these ideal scenarios swimming in my mind are a little pixelated. I am trying to get a clearer picture. I'm in the midst of trying out new things, of stepping over my comfort zone, of persuing what may be my calling. It's all early days now, but it's a step in the right direction indeed. I can only take one step at a time and make decisions when the time is right. Until then, I shall be looking hard to find the beauty between this haziness.


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