28 Jul 2007


I know I've been behind on the blogging lately. The last week has been a little bit frantic. First the top secret mission, (I really can't say much about it right now. Perhaps time will allow me to do so) then the big 4 day trip to Cameron Highland's with the relatives. There is really nothing much to do up there in the highlands except go for walks (which we did), visit the tea plantations (which we did), eat, drink and read (which i did). I also took some cool pictures (that I shall put up tomorrow cos I am toooo tired today.)

Also, the blogger booze was good although, I must admit, I didn't mingle as much as I should have. I'm kinda shy that's why I asked other people to come with me. However, that didn't help much in the end. I did meet Daniel though, which was nice!
Next time however, I gotta do much better than last week!

Alritey then, off to bed. Shall continue to blog tomorrow.

Buenas noches mi amigas y amigos.

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Gallivanter said...

Hey Anu, thanks for joining the blogger booze. It was nice to have finally meet you again, after soooooo long. :-)

Keep in touch!


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