18 Jul 2007

Come join me at the Blogger Booze...

The past few days I’ve been on an emotional rollercoaster. No, I haven’t disappeared, I am just hiding. I had a lot of things that I could have blogged about but I didn’t want to. I preferred to put that energy into diverting my emotions on to the right path again. And no, I have yet to reach the “yellow brick road” but I am getting there. As thoughts whiz past one another inside, I take pleasure internalizing them. I don’t want to bother the people around me with these little inconsistencies of my life. Let me be the one to deal with it. In the meantime, I will try to be the same ol’ easygoing, always smiling Anu. I did say try!!! It’s going to be a tad bit harder now, with the sudden appearance of the ugly monster bearing the initials PMS, but it can be done. Can be done. With my pedometer at hand (or rather strapped to my pants) I am walking around with only one objective in mind. To get to that 10,000 step! I fear I have failed today.For today I have spent much time going after that other big dream of mine – a fulfilling career. Ok what… at least it was time well spent!

And yes, in my efforts to get back on track I’ve decided to go to the Blogger Booze this Saturday happening at the Modesto’s Hartamas Walk @ Hartamas Shopping Centre, Plaza Damas at 9pm. Yeah, it’s for bloggers (new, old or just about anyone!) to meet new people, network and most importantly, have a couple of drinks. This cool event is organized by my friend Daniel. The last time I met him…2000? Well, it was a looooong time ago at Domino’s in Sunway. So yes, looking forward to meeting him after ages. Join us lah, the more the merrier right? (It’s cliché but u gotta admit it is so true!)

If u would like more info about the event check it out here!



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