6 Jul 2007


“In Every Life There’s Drama.” So goes the Hallmark Channel slogan. I totally agree.When you think about it, what would life be without drama? A total bore. One would hope that life is full of drama of the good kind – happiness, success, fun. But as we all know, life just doesn’t work that way. U’ve gotta have the good and the bad. No choices there. So when life deals u the hard stuff, why resent it, why fight? U (read I) should take in stride. Don’t ask “Why me? Why do I have to deal with this crap????” Instead think about what’s happening and ask “What can I learn from this?” Granted it may take u a while before getting to this stage (yes, I am talking about me here), but when u do get there, take time out to answer that. U will be surprised by what u can learn from it. If by chance, u can’t answer the question then, it’s alright, no pressure. Sometimes answers take its time to surface. Sometimes u will understand why things happen later. Hakuna Matata.

I’m taking my own advise to heart. I’m gonna take time out, think what I can learn from this and move along. On to the next episode!



DrowsyStar said...

Um, you're way better than I am. I've been stuck in the "why me, why did I have to get hurt so badly" for the longest time and it just came back *again* this weekend. Quite frankly, if I had to deal with someone like me, I'd be quite frustrated my now.

Hakuna Matata- love your attitude!


foreverinteresting said...

I love your opening.. " in every life there is drama" but some people's life is drama itself. I think u'll agree that I'm full of drama... I guess cupid and reality has not hit me right yet.

Least we know something for sure... everything happens for a reason............. and if drama it is......... we shall accept it with arms wide open!!!

wei bila mau teh tarik in mamak? then we can start a drama by our usual gossiping :p hehehe

Cheers girl...

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